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The catelog design for the film ‘Carefree Days
selected for the New Directors Competition section of
the 71st San Sebastian

The catalog design for the film ‘Love is a Gun
selected for the Best Debut Film Award winner of
the The Venice Film Festival's ‘Lion of the Future

Interviewed and featured by the BranD NO.73

Selected in the Tokyo TDC in 2024

Selected in the 19th Aaia-Pacific Design

Selected in the Hiiibrand Awards 2023

Received the Excellent Award at GDCAward 2023

Received the Excellent Award at Award360 2023

International Film Festival Participation
in the Shanghai Book Fair
Beautiful Bookstore Festival

Best Poster Design’ and ‘Best Exhibitor’ at
UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair

Member Organization of the
China National Garment Association

Participation in

the Special Exhibition of Shanghai Art Book Fair
× Huiwu Bookstore

the Special Exhibition of Shanghai Art Book Fair
in Seoul

the Special Exhibition of Shanghai Art Book Fair
in Guangzhou

the 3rd T&ArtCon Shanghai

the 8th Beijing abC Art Book Fair

the TDC Hangzhou Selection Exhibition

the Tokyo TDC Annual Exhibition in 2023

Nominated for the Tokyo TDC in 2023

the Shanghai Vanke x University of Arts London Beijing Office
Supernova Plan’ exhibition

the 3rd China He Harmony Coexistence Xinjiang
International Biennale

the 2022 C-IDEA Design Exhibition in Australia Exhibited at the
Australian C-IDEA 2021 Annual Design Exhibition

Curated the ‘Everything Can Fly’ exhibition at
Nanchang Mixc Plaza

Curated the ‘Supernova Plan’ exhibition at Hangzhou VanKe

Won the bronze award at the 2022 Hiiibrand Awards

Won the bronze award at the 2022 C-IDEA Awards

Finalist for Award360

Participated in the 2023 Shenzhen Illustration Association Member Exhibition

Nominated for the Best Book Design by the Australian Graphic Designers Association (AGDA)

Nominated for an Award by the Australian Book Designers Association (ABDA)

Visual support for iQiyi's China New Rap Peak Showdown

Visual and venue design support for Modern Sky's China Strawberry Music Festival

Curated events in Shanghai and Beijing for Azoozoo

Participation in

A Room of One' s Own’ in London

Volatile Milieu: Collective Healing’ in London

the International Art Biennale inJinan, Shandong, China

Mildura Community-themed exhibition at Caochangdi, Beijing, China

Design Shanghai in China

the 751 Design Week in Beijing, China

Shortlisted for the CIB8 National Illustration Biennial

Mildura Community-themed exhibition in Australia

RMIT Gallery HOME- themed exhibition in Australia

Multimedia technical support for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in China

Printmaking exhibition by the Guangdong Artists Association

Artistic Director for

the First Online Chinese New Year Celebration by Melbourne International Students

the 2021 Melbourne International Students’ Mid-Autumn and National Day Celebration

the 70th Anniversary Celebration of the People's Republic of
China at the Chinese Consulate-General in Melbourne

the Mid- Autumn Festival Gala at the 2019 Melbourne Chinese National Day Celebration